November i2 e-newsletter

Dear Friends,

What an amazing season we have been in! The conclusion of the series 30 Days to Live, with two gospel clarifications in one service and an unforgettable spontaneous baptism. That had to be one of my favorite weekends in the history of our church. We saw Fused meet Pastor Pete’s challenge and fill the side-bank to capacity and spilling over into the balcony with middle school and high school students and our Frankfort campus is busting at seams. We are living in a new era of audacity. Do you feel it?

November is the official kick-off to the Holiday season, so let’s spend some time during this month of Thanksgiving, thanking God for His immeasurable generosity toward us! Where have you seen God’s generosity in your life or the people around you?  In this new current of honor in our church, gratitude is an appropriate response to the work of God in us!

I’m so thankful for Pastor Pete and the leaders of our church, for their vision to make more room for people through Imagine 2. I’m so grateful for your generous giving to i2 and we have six months to go to meet our goal of $12,60000. We are 51% there! These months ahead call for audacious faith! Our Pastor said “When God says a word, no waiting is needed, audacious faith just responds.” This is a call to action in response to gratitude. The investment that God has made in us during this season is a promise of what’s to come. Where have you seen God’s faithfulness in recent days that will ignite belief in you for what’s to come?

Please pray and ask Jesus what your action step is! Hebrews 11:1 says “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about the things we cannot see,” FAITH is an ACTION word.

Pastor Pete, the leaders of your church and myself, are praying for you! We can do this through the power of EVERYBODY!

Believe. Pray. Risk ,

Lorrie Huff
Imagine 2 Champion



The Myers Story

My family and I moved to Lexington in the summer of 2006.  We wondered how long it would take to find a great church.  We rented a house that no one had ever lived in.  When we moved in, the only two pieces of paper in the house were 1) a phone book and 2) an invite card to come to Quest.  So Quest it was.

We were immediately blown away by how authentic and clear people we met were about making sure we had an actual relationship with Jesus.  Through these conversations, Michelle and both of our boys gave their lives to Christ.  We had gone to great churches most of our lives but never experienced a culture of redemption so rich and real until we came to Quest.

Fast forward to 2008. When the imagine2 campaign came around, we prayed with the rest of our church  to see what part God had for our family for i2. Michelle and I both heard a real clear call to stretch in generosity, to sacrifice like we never had before, and to have faith that Jesus would allow us to give even more beyond that to make room for more people and to see more transformation like we experienced in our own family.

Over the first couple of years of i2, we got to see God at work in tremendous ways.  He was showing us more and more how we could trust Him with our money, our time, our kids, our aspirations.  For me (Tim), Jesus really replaced my passion for my work with a passion to see people far from God drawn into a relationship with Him.  Also, over the first couple of years of i2, we experienced some of the most horrible economic times that any of us have gone through including having to sell a house and facing the end of a job. Jesus made it so clear that He actually knew about this all along-even at the beginning of i2 when we heard so clearly what He was calling us in to.

Well, Jesus has been so faithful to us-He has blown us away with the way He provided a miraculous house sale and a fantastic new work assignment.  And through all of this, we actually got to FINISH our i2 commitment this Spring.  Every time we walk into the auditorium or hear about the new Pastors in India, Quest Frankfort or the other great things God is doing through i2, we are so grateful to see first hand how “humanly speaking it is impossible, but with God, everything is possible!”