Knight Hike

Sign up you and your son for a hike that will build your son’s sense of adventure and create a great connect for the two of you to Hike at Knight on and around the Quest neighborhood.

We have a special gift your son will receive (powerful flashlight) to represent his unique role in your family. Your son will get to help you find the way on a dark path across Quest property and through some park area where they will find 3 special campfires.

The first will be a place where you walk to with out a light, when you arrive at that campfire, the flashlight gifts will be there for you to give to your son and tell them he can be a “light” in the world.

The next campfire will be a place where your son and you will receive a special prayer and encouragement from men and elders in our church. You will them walk to the last campfire for hot chocolate and hotdogs as a celebration for completing the “Knight Hike” There our Kids Pastor will inspire your son to treasure and honor their mom and family with honoring words, obedience and love, we will “Knight” your son as a protector of honor to parents in your home.

This is a first time event and hope you will be part of a special hike. The cost of $10 is for the flashlight, food and supplies. Email with questions


Apr 21 2018


7:30 pm

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