KidsQuest is designed for kids to encounter God in a fun, safe and engaging community.
We do everything possible to ensure that this is the best hour of their week!

KidsQuest Jr.

KidsQuest Jr. is designed for your child’s most impressionable years of life.

Infants – 11 months are cared for in a loving and nurturing environment by trained caregivers. They get their first look at God through playing, and singing.

Children ages 1-5 have fun in their own age appropriate worship time where Bible stories are creatively brought to life through dramatic teaching, props, and video. Active learning takes place in small groups where they repeat that week’s Point and Bible truth through crafts and games.

It’s amazing! You have to see it, so please be our guest and get a security name tag if you want to worship and learn with your child.


KidsQuest students in grades K-6th experience an age appropriate large group and small group teaching approach. Our aim is to teach the Bible creatively on stage using video, props, and active learning techniques that help children understand and implement God’s plan for them when they are at home and school. And…it really works!

After the large group time of singing songs, prayer and learning amazing Bible verses with fun motions, the children gather in gender and age-specific small groups to apply what they learned to life situations. Kids learn through games, crafts and skits led by the volunteer small group leaders. It’s really fun for kids and leaders alike, and we consistently hear from parents how God’s truth is helping their children grow and develop into young carriers of inspiring truth.

Parents are welcome to watch a program or even volunteer as a small group leader or in other important roles.

Student Leaders

Student leaders are 5-6th graders who want to learn how to serve and lead in the church, at home and school.

They begin by filling out an application and with parent approval begin serving one or two services: leading songs, running sound and light boards, assisting in small groups with adult volunteers, helping greet or serve other volunteers, just to name a few things they love to do.

Student Leaders learn as they serve and it’s beautiful to watch the power of a child as they discover the joy of living an“#It’sNotAboutMe” life. This hash tag is their motto and that truth spreads to their homes and schools as they practice servant leadership everywhere they go.

Sign up your child to be a Student Leader by filling out the Student Leader Application.

Student Leader Application


Volunteer with Kids and Families

Share your precious time by serving in one of the most fun and rewarding places on earth. Whether you are behind the scenes checking in families, shopping, building sets or running tech, or if you are face to face with smiling children each week, you will find that serving children and families gives back more than you can give away.

Try out serving for the next month and I believe you will grow younger, learn truths from the Bible that you may have missed growing up. And more than anything, I believe you will feel loved by kids and a church community that values them like Jesus.

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Kids & Students Ages 10 and up can sign up for baptism. Click the button below to sign up or to get more information.

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Baby Dedication

Dedicate your child, any age,on Sunday April 30th.

Parents join us on Thursday April 20th or 27th from 6:30-7:30. (Childcare provided)

At orientation, we will help you prepare for this special day. You will pick out a life verse, write a letter to your child that you can present to them on the day they receive Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord.

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